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Everything from a first time home owner to a national multi-housing corporation...
We can handle it! Serving Eastern North Carolina, RTP and Surrounding Areas

We work with insurance adjusters and the largest restoration companies on the east coast more often than most folks! That means we know what to say and how the process works to get your issues resolved as promptly and seamless as possible. Don't spend money you don't have to! When in doubt call your insurance agent and tell them Carolina Construction Bros can do it!


We are here to bring your vision to light within your budget. Our pricing isn't astronomical but our quality makes it seem as so. You won't regret getting something customized! As residential flipping becomes a common theme, we want help you stand out when selling your home, so let's make it custom and it will sell itself!


We also work with property managers, multi-site corporate apartment owners, Whether you are an individual with several properties to juggle or a corporation handling thousands of tenants, we can work with you. We currently manage over 1,000 rental units in the Carolinas including standard turns, regular maintenance, full upgrades and renovations. 

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